Tuesday, 10 January 2012

This weekend's games - day one! and a few Gor-y wips

So, I'm back from my weekend at warhammer world after a few good games of warhamster. If you missed my last post, then I'll summarise it was a "friendly" (read: Banter filled passive aggressive tournament style competitive  play) 1.5k weekend.

Disclaimer: Although I may come across as harsh towards my opponent, I only do this in return for the persistent zombie shenanigans Max employed throughout the weekend - I hope you trust me that if he was to ever update his defunct blog http://40kbunny.blogspot.com/ then he would probably dish out alot worse! That, and this is reward for him constantly trying to get me to employ "gamer tourettes", a phrase he once coined at a 40K tournament when his poor dice rolls made him exclaim "f**king badger sucking cock!!". Something only humourous if you was there, and unfortunately I was - right across the other side of the table.

My List was:

Herald of Tzeentch - Lv2, spellbreaker, master of sorcery

Herald of Slaanesh - BSB, Great Banner of Sundering, Siren Song

50 Daemonettes, full command

6 Seekers, Full command

6 Flamers, pyrocaster

2 Fiends of slaanesh

The weekend started at maelstrom against Max's Vampire hoard. He decided to bring, from what I could gather:

Vampire lord, +2 power dice, Loremaster: Lore of Vampires, lv4 (yes...as you may notice, and I didn't until after - over 100 points of his allowed gifts! Told you he'd be dirty!)

Wight king with banner of drakenhof

30 skellies

30 ghouls

20 grave gaurd

5 fellbats

The first game was a tense shuffly pitched battle, neither of us willing to commit our armies too far in fear of a devastating counter charge. Max utterly dominated the magic phases due to his level 4 (still adding +2 despite my banner of sundering) and extra power dice every turn - and his remarkable ability to roll a double 6 to dispel nearly every turn, yet only miscast once all weekend! Lucky so and so. He went on about how I should take a level 4 and it was my own fault - unfortunately I can only take level 4s in 2000+ games, but Max doesn't let a little thing like "rules" stop him twisting the knife!

I foolishly left my herald of tzeentch out in the open, and his fell bats jumped in only to lose the combat! They then fled (after the game Max remembered they were "undead" so shouldn't have fled just taken wounds) and the game pitched in my favour, my daemonette hoard charging into the flank  of 8 zombies, who when disposed of would allow my daemonettes to over run into his block of ghouls - my seekers had made his block of grave guard reform sideways, and the daemonic steeds were primed to flank charge the skellies who were going to flank charge my daemonettes. All ready for a huge scrap - Max withdrew! Saying he was too cold to concentrate! Maelstrom's gaming hall had no central heating and we were up there alone, so it was absolutely freezing. Max still maintained that (with his still unknown to me illegal list, with his undead caught with their zombie pants down) I had still to beat him! Sure thing - in other news, the germans were undefeated in the second world war, and Stalingrad never happened because it was a wee bit chilly.

So, our second match took place in the tepid surroundings of warhammer world, where we kept the same lists and played Blood and Glory. After a brief moan about the scenario he formulated a plan which revolved around killing my general and BSB (who he kept claiming was broken and unfair since I could choose which lore it affected before turn 1, despite it being clear in it's rules description! He also insisted since it was a closed list I shouldn't know what lore he's taken, even though you have to announce which lore each wizard is at magic generation, and at deployment. So I went along with it, and nominated lore of vampires off the top of my head - can you believe the chances that I was correct!?).

My fiends and seekers stood on his right flank, my huge block of daemonettes and flamers on his left. I committed his skellies with vampire lord again to deal with my fast units, and I made a 17" charge with my fiends to mess up his fellbats. The seekers were messed up with the "brown eye of my gash" (I'm a bit hazy with the actual names...) leaving just one of them. The fiends and final seeker ended up selling their lives cheaply keeping the skellies and vampire tied up from my general and BSB for a turn.
The other flank my flamers marched ahead to get some better shots at his ghouls, who came and charged me, predictably, but could only knock a few wounds off them, losing combat and an additional ghoul. My super unit of daemonettes flank charged his ghouls in return the next turn. He kept his grave guard hidden behind some trees, expecting (correctly) that I would "come and get him". With my block of 50 bitches I was up for a fight, and between my flamers and daemonettes wiped his ghouls...to one man! My daemonettes foolishly didn't reform, leaving my flank ready for a grave guard charge. My daemonettes held, just, and managed to reform next turn to face the grave guard and beat up on them. The grave guard was eventually dispatched before the vampire's skellies had finished off the fiends and seeker (remember them?). The rest of the game was Max milking van Hansel's danse macarbre and raise dead, his zombies shambling pointlessly and generally annoying me at his pansy like avoidance of a fight and time wasting. Closing time finally came with my huge block of extremely vexed daemonettes merely one charge from victory. Again, Max claimed his unbeaten run continued! Again, I rolled my eyes in despair at his desperate behaviour.

So a good few games where we honed our warhammer gaming lore and a life changing experience for Max where he realised warhammer 8th edition isn't 7th edition, much to his disappointment.

I didn't get too many pictures today, since Max's hoard truely was ethereal in that they were mostly empty bases and my hoarde was a mishmash of fully painted all the way down to botched ebay conversions put together by a small child.

So, to make up for my lack of photos, here's some WIPs I've had but didn't think earnt their own post.

All aboard the Gor conga line!

The gor hoard, after what seemed like days!

And 23 Bestigors (it started as 20, but one was "sacrificed" and became the unit filler), some needing horns

The muscian with his converted great weapon

My converted champion, with a big ass hitting stick
Coming soon - pictures from day two, where I face the high elves!

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