Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My best bestigor (and a couple of campaign markers)

Just a quick update to show you all I'm still alive - here's my first bestigor painted - I always try and paint one miniature in the style I want before I crack on with the rest of the unit - just to see if it matches up with the image I had in my minds eye. I'm suitably happy with him, so Bestigors a go go!

He took about an hour to paint, so hopefully I should speed up the process. Ignore the's not ready yet!

Also here's two WIP markers for the campaign - hanging rock and stormhenge. I'm really getting my teeth into this campaign malarky!

That's all folks!


  1. These markers are awesome. I really ,like them. Your Bestigor looks good as well. How many do you have to paint?

  2. The usual bestigor regiment runs at 40 strong, and ones a giant centigor unit filler 4 bases strong so I reckon about 35 - 36!


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