Sunday, 11 March 2012

The toy room goes - Pumbagor chariot WIP

So, this weekend has been filled with bad time. It was inevitable. I knew it was coming. But I had to go through with it.

I had to clear out the toy room.

The spare room in the house my girlfriend and I share has been my "toy room", my private abode for sticking things together, splattering acryllic on plastic and generally keeping me off drugs or organised crime. But with my girlfriend needing to crack down and do her thesis, she's taken over the nest, not only making me clear out all the junk I've hoarded in there, but also move around the furniture!

So, my organised mess has been cleared up. I now have no idea where "that bit" is (funny how I did before I tidied...). I've been given the front room to play in - but having to take stuff out and put it away every night I ant to do some modelling wont be the same.

So, luckily, I've had chance to do some modelling in the old room last night. Here's two chariots, one Razorgor and one tuskgor.

So, the main chassis is the orc plastic chariot. The yoke is from the corpse cart, which gives an extra bit of height to go over the pig and help make it look a bit different from the tuskgor chariots. It has four holes which allowed me to put the plastic chain and hooks from the marauder horsemen kit around the spikes on the razorgor, meaning I avoided any need to greenstuff a harness around the pig.

The riders are the metal beastlord which I got free in a random ebay trade and an ungor with his feet bent.

Business end. Oink.

Here's the considerably more dull WIP of the tuskgor chariot. Yawn.

And finally, with the clear out  I got my finger out and got all my army case sorted for all my beastmen army. There was alot of foam left over from the pick and pluck trays, but I needed somewhere to put it all...

...Lining the inside of a tank box from Maelstrom games. Boom, instant monster carry case!

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  1. Nice work! And really good use of the orc boars and the wolves.

    Looking at this fantasy stuff is wanting me to get on with my dwarfs even more.


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