Sunday, 15 January 2012

Blood in the badlands - campaign markers WIPs

Wow, 4 updates in like 24 hours! And I've been at work 8 hours today!! I'm a mother fricking MACHINE!!!

Ok, well tonight was a cooling out few hours, I've really not been feeling too cracky today and a therapeutic sticky model making evening was in order. These guys took about an hour to get right, including some faffing with clipping and sticking and a little bit of greenstuffing.

Here are some markers for a campaign our club is hoping to run. Similar to blood in the badlands, we all need three markers for our armies. I was told all three had to be beastmen (dashing my hopes for 2 beasties and one daemonette army in a nefarious alliance). So, I went about making tree beastly markers. I've intentionally kept some spare plastic beneath their feet because when I eventually base them their hooves might get covered by sand.

One army is going to be a hoard, That's the hoardy marker, made from epic beastmen. Some had laspistols, which I had to shave off, and replace with various round things.

I'm hoping to base on a "beastzilla" list heavy on big gribblies. As i mentioned, beastmen from epic are a wee bit smaller than warmaster scale, meaning my armies will be smaller than everyone elses. Well, only one way to fix that! My cygor is made from an ungor body, a gor ead with a spawn eye greenstuffed on. I couldn't decide between a cygor and a gorgon, but the cygor was a simpler conversion as I couldn't find a second left arm. I also wanted to have a go at greenstuffing a spawn eye onto a gors head! I put the epic beastmen on the base, pointing him to his next target, since he's a huge blind bastard.

Third is my "portable herdstone" list, which will be spamming the shard of the herdstone magic item. The giant kit has a hand with a big rock and a chaos sign on it, which makes a cracking miniature herdstone.

I have about 10 plastic flags from the planetary empires kit, which I'll be painting in my scheme as well - eventually!

I like making silly models. I hope you enjoy them too.

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