Sunday, 22 January 2012

3 Wise Beasts - my plastic lore of beast/wild shamen

Oh hai guyz! I've got a few updates for today from my work this week. I'm not going to lie, I've not got much done , but here's some older...old and new stuff, all together for completeness.

You may have seen my first shamen, the guy with the huge ramskull is my "lead" shamen, by the fact he's my first and has the biggest head dress. He was originally my Mordheim shamen and has the body of the old style plastic beastmen gors from the combo beastmen/ ungor kit. His style was the "base" for all my other shamen.

The other two are from the newer updated gor kit. One is inspired by the "acid blood" mordheim spell from the chaos lore, stating the mage cuts his palm and a gout of steaming gore hits his enemies. I figure that the beast magics are heavily influenced by blood letting and, so I modelled his with his palm cut and a bloodied knife, mid chant. I gave him a greenstuff mask which, to be honest, I'm not 100% happy with.

The final one I threw together yesterday. I started influenced by the shamen picture where a mage is infront of a huge flame. Well, after a wee bit of playing, my final model was totally different. He's marching forward, again with an open hand (the best way, apart from pointing, to signify a magic caster!) mid cantrip, with his bray staff pointing forward at his enemy.

I've put him slightly forward on his base to make him  stand out when he's in the herd. He still needs some greenstuffing...basing...painting...playing games with...but other than that he's done!


  1. That's great work. Do you ever find yourself putting four Bray Shamans on the table at once though?

  2. Thanks - I havn't put one bray shamen on the table yet :P I could fully put three bare bones bray shamens on the table at 2000 pts, and have a BSB and great bray as well. Whether I will or not, probably not. My thrid beast shamen came about because I just wasn;t happy at how the hood came out on my second one. He's still perfectly serviceable but will probably only be fielded when I need a fully painted army or at higher points levels


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