Saturday, 14 April 2012

day one - AGOM

So I'm in bed after my first night at AGOM with a win and two losses - a very good first day!!!

My first game was against dark elves...and the obligatory poor dice didnt help. A two dice miscast, a 4 on the table, 15 dead gor and a dead mage didn't help me!

Second game was a blood and glory against a duel hydra list versus another fellow nightowl, who repeated my exploits and blew his mage and 10 spearelves up turn 2 too!

Third games was a hottly contested brawl against fellow nightowl James's red orcs, which went down to the wire and I lost narrowly.

An absolute blast of a first day. Followed by a horrendous drinking session in bugmans which involved pile ons and hide and seek!

Here's some pics, enjoy and see you tommorrow.

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