Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Huskygor Chariot

Evening all, how are we? I finally got my chariot base from GW this weekend so I set about finising off my chariot conversion.

So I decided to convert a plastic orc chariot, but I decided to replace the cute boars for a couple of warhounds. I was a bit sceptical at first on whether the conversion would work, but it actually turned out alright! I might even say I'm pretty cuffed with myself!

I decided the hounds, or "huskygors"as I've now named them, needed something to connect them to the chariot body, so I added the eternally useful "dark eldar hook chain" from the ravager kit and connected them to their rumps. I greenstuffed the taught skin over the hooks too, I figure beastmen are pretty brutal with their livestock!

So, here's my huskygor chariot. Woof woof!

That'll do dog. That'll do.


  1. Good stuff. Using those hooks in the rumps of the hounds is a great idea. I think that the join line down the middle of the hounds rather spoils the effect; it's probably a bit late now but it might have been good to smooth it over with putty. Overall, I like the execution of this chariot; I wish I'd thought to adorn mine with the shields.

  2. Yeah it didnt seem that noticeable until the paint was on. Alas, its too late. From 4 foot away no one will notice! I hope. I'll wear a pink sparkly top as a distraction at tournaments.


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