Thursday, 26 January 2012

Slugtongue WIP and a cheeky razorgor

So, something weird happened this week. I went into my local Gw and went and a huge spending spree, picking up things wildly without even looking. I grabbed a necromancer and when I got home wnet to begin chopping him up - only to find a plastic dark elf sorceress inside! Whoops! So after a few days waiting for the new order to come in (plastic necromancers are popular at the moment, who knew?) I finally got my base for my slugtongue conversion.

So, he's a nice easy conversion - feet lopped off in favour of some ungor hooves, a bestigor skull and a troll skull to represent his regeneration save (I've now got dozens of those damn troll heads...).

I extended his braystaff to have a horn to beastify him, and librally chucked some greenstuff fur around again to make him more beastly. Oh, and obviously, I gave him a huge tongue for licking things. I cant sculpt slugs though so a worm would have to do.

He still needs some tidying around him feet but he's pretty much good to go.

I also did a bit of work on another razorgor.


  1. Nice work there dude. I'd stick some small maggots on the base and cloak of old slugtongue there it will really set him off.


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